Restless Leg Syndrome in Munster, IN, and Lake County

What is Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)?

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to sleep at night because of an uncontrollable urge to move your legs? Or do you experience a creeping, tingling, or burning sensation in your legs that makes it difficult to rest or relax? You might be experiencing Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS), a common condition that affects up to 15% of the population.

RLS can be particularly frustrating because the symptoms tend to worsen at night or during rest periods, making it difficult to get a good night’s sleep. This can not only impact your own well-being but can also affect the sleep of those around you, including your partner.

The good news is that there are treatments available for RLS. If you’re struggling with symptoms of RLS don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll help find a solution that works for you.

RLS & Varicose Veins

Are you experiencing the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) and unsure of the underlying cause? It may surprise you to learn that venous insufficiency could be the culprit. Research has found that up to 22% of individuals with RLS also have venous insufficiency, making it an often-overlooked cause.

Fortunately, treating the varicose veins associated with venous insufficiency can significantly improve RLS symptoms. A study published in the Journal of Phlebology showed that 98% of patients with both RLS and venous disease experienced relief from their RLS symptoms with varicose vein treatment, with 80% of patients experiencing long-term relief.

If you are experiencing RLS and have been diagnosed with underlying venous disease, don’t lose hope. A simple office evaluation and noninvasive duplex ultrasound of your legs can be the first step toward finding a solution to your RLS symptoms.

What are the symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome?

The symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) include:

  • Irresistible urge to move the legs.
  • Creeping feeling in the legs.
  • Constant leg movement during sleep.
  • Tingling, burning, aching, or numbness of the legs.
  • Symptoms are often worse at night or during periods of relaxation, such as lying down during the day.
  • Disrupted sleep, which can affect daily activities and mood.
  • Restlessness, discomfort, or pain in the legs, which can lead to difficulty in falling or staying asleep.

Treating Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can significantly impact the quality of life of those who experience its symptoms. If you are suffering from RLS, it’s essential to schedule a consultation with Region Vein to help identify the root cause of your symptoms.

During your consultation, our team of experienced vein specialists will perform a thorough diagnostic ultrasound assessment. This assessment will help us determine whether you are suffering from venous insufficiency, which is an often-overlooked cause of RLS. If we do identify venous insufficiency, we will plan a course of treatment that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our goal is to help you achieve long-term relief from your RLS symptoms. This typically involves a combination of treatments to eliminate the abnormal veins that are causing your symptoms. By treating the underlying venous insufficiency, we can significantly improve RLS symptoms and enhance your overall quality of life.

Don’t suffer from RLS in silence. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards finding relief from your symptoms.

in bed with restless leg syndrome
in bed with restless leg symptoms (RLS)

How do I know if I have Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) can be a frustrating and uncomfortable condition that can affect your quality of life. If you’re experiencing the symptoms mentioned above, it’s possible that you have RLS. It’s important to note that RLS symptoms can occur during the day or at night but are often worse at night or when you’re trying to relax.

Other symptoms of RLS include continuous leg movement during sleep, tingling, burning, or numbness of the legs, and leg pain or cramps. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team at Region Vein. We can perform a diagnostic ultrasound assessment to determine whether you have underlying venous insufficiency that may be contributing to your RLS symptoms. From there, we can develop a personalized treatment plan to help you find relief and get a good night’s sleep.

If this sounds like you, you will want to call us at 219-595-3095 to schedule a consultation.

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